I just returned from my morning walk and, although the air was quite crisp, it is a gorgeous day!  I am now sipping on my coffee and preparing for a very full day of errands, packing, and preparing for an upcoming trip.

Whatever the universe decides to send me today, I embrace it.  I am grateful for my life, and feel blessed that I have the opportunities that I have. So – go out there and enjoy your day.  It is truly a beautiful morning!

The Rascals – It’s a Beautiful Morning

Are we living in wild times, or what?

It has been a while since I posted anything.  I’ve been busy getting ready for a trip, working on some marketing materials, and enjoying the cooler temperatures of autumn.

I have also been doing my best to stay calm, centered, and at peace with all of the political upheaval happening in the U.S.  There have been days when my morning walk was just what was needed to release frustration and get back to peace.  I know that everything is in divine order, at least my heart knows this.  My soul knows this.  But sometimes my brain hijacks my heart & soul, and the frustration rises.  My brain becomes frustrated with what it perceives as a general lack of compassion.  And so, I write this post as much for me as for anyone else.

When I am able to bring my attention back to the divine order of life, I practice feeling compassion for those who are currently acting out of fear & lack.  I send love and light to everyone – those who agree with my view of things and those who hold polar opposite views.

What I know is this.  Every word & every action is either an expression of love, or a call for love.  Whenever I find myself judging those who seem to lack compassion, or worrying about how the future is going to unfold – I stop.  I forgive myself.  I forgive everyone & everything.  I bring myself back to this moment and ask, “How can I respond from love?”  “How can I express love in this situation?”, and sometimes, “Where IS the love in this situation?”

A couple of phrases come to mind. “Never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to”, and  “Never ask a question when you don’t want to hear the answer.”  So, when I ask these questions about responding from love, expressing love, and seeing love – I don’t always know the answer, but I always desire to know the answer.

And so, I go on with my day – amidst all of the political craziness, and do my best to respond from love.  For those moments when I “react” (from fear or lack) – I sincerely seek forgiveness & understanding.

Here is an interesting exercise.  Imagine that you hold the opposite of your current views (about politics, religion, whatever explosive subject you like).  Do your best to see the world from an opposing point of view.

Now, as you come back to yourself, try to respond to those who hold these opposing views in a way that respects them – and respects you.  It’s not always easy, but it can be done.  And, it is easiest when you forgo using words like “lie, cheat, idiot, propoganda” (I think you get my drift – and I see these used on both sides of any major argument.)

Another interesting exercise is to take a week away from whatever source of news you read or listen to.  Stay away from the radio & TV shows, as well as the websites that agree with you.  Take a vacation from your regular news sources!  Anything that is critical for you to know, someone will tell you.  Spend the extra time watching funny shows, playing with your kids, taking care of a sick neighbor, or cleaning your house.  Anything – but going to your trusted sources.

I have a strong sense that there is more going on here than political theater.  There are energetic shifts happening on our planet, and all of the discord we see is simply a symptom of people feeling uncomfortable with these shifts.  Respond from love and let’s see if we can all move through this wild time with at least a smidgen of grace.

Love & Light,

A beautiful Wednesday in the flow of life!

The weather is beautiful and my day has flown by!  Even though I wore multiple “hats” today, everything has flowed smoothly.  Today was mostly an “administrative” day filled with banking, contract changes, insurance phone calls, and lots and lots of emails.

However, the creative flow just would not stay bottled up.  So, in between administrative tasks I also created flyers for a book signing and two upcoming workshops in Las Vegas.  I’m thinking that these topics might make good teleseminars or webinars.  What do you think?  Click on the links below to see the flyers.  If there’s enough interest, I’ll put something together.

Five Keys to a Joyous and Peaceful Holiday Season

Ghosts of Christmas Past

I absolutely love my life in the flow!  Whenever something would happen to create un-ease in my body, I would remind myself that ‘everything is in divine order’ and move on to the next task on my list.  The calmer I remained, the more easily the day flowed.  Life is good!

Love & Light,

October 1 – Federal Gov’t Shutdown & Divine Order

I am a bit of an anomaly.  Many “spiritual” folks do not follow any political story, and make sure that they are consciously uninformed about the workings of their government.  I have heard many reasons for this.

I, however, have always been interested in how my government works.  If I were forced to give myself a political label it would be somewhere between Centrist and Liberal.  But this post isn’t about my political beliefs.

Last night, at midnight, the U.S.A. Federal Government hit a wall.  Our government cannot spend money (for salaries, etc.) unless the U.S. Congress has approved spending the money & the U.S. President has signed the spending bill.  They had until midnight, September 30, 2013 to do that – and it didn’t get done.  I know this is an overly simplified explanation of what happened, but – this post is also not about federal budgets, spending bills, and appropriation bills.

This post is about Divine Order.

You see, regardless of what my politically informed brain would like for me to believe, everything is in divine order.  Everything is always in divine order.

And so, today, I surrender all of my opionions, concerns, and frustrations to God, to Divine Will.  I seek divine guidance for my next steps, and I request divine guidance for those who have the political power to resolve this issue.

I have absolutely no idea why this was the chosen course of action for our nation, but I know that there is a purpose and a reason behind all of it.  I may never know the purpose, but I trust that all is in divine order – and all is well.

Love & Light,

Day 30 – Life Is Good!

Life is good – because I say so!

Yes, it is all about attitude!  Actually, when I can step outside the duality of “good vs bad”, then life IS.  I choose how I feel about what “is”, and since I already decided to embrace what is, I can still wrap around to the declaration that ‘life is good’!

When I’m in the flow of life, things take care of themselves.  For any project or problem, inspiration and help arrive, resources become available, and everything shows up at the right time.  It’s only my judgment that creates any problems.

Yes, there are days when that judgment runs wild!  There are days when I see problems and misfortunes all around me.  There are days when nothing seems to be working, my body is sick, and my emotions are running out of control.  Is life good on those days?  Absolutely, yes!

I have heard Buddhists say that 90% of suffering is self created.  And even when wallowing in my self-created suffering, I will say that life is good!

There is no viable alternative to life.  Death is just the beginning of the next grand adventure.  So, since we are all here anyway – we might as well enjoy ourselves!

Love & Light,

Day 29 – Listen

I’ll begin today with a nursery rhyme –

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

Today we Listen.  Listening requires a bit of silence and a focus on what’s being shared with you.  Not speaking is not the same as listening.  If you’re not speaking, but your mind is full of the words you’re planning to speak next, then you’re not listening.  Listening is a skill that’s easy for some, but terribly difficult for others.  The first step is the ability to be silent in your mind as well as in your speech.

That sounds so easy, but it’s more difficult than it seems on the surface.  Have you ever taken a yoga or meditation class and been told to “quiet your mind”?  Have you been able to do that?

The good news is this – to live in the flow does not require a devotion to silence, but it does require enough silence to allow guidance and wisdom the opportunity to make themselves heard.

How often do you ask someone for help with a problem, and then spend all of your time telling them about the problem?  How can they help you if you don’t top talking and listen?  Your friend might have had some good advice for you, or at least a question that might steer you toward a solution, but you didn’t give them an opportunity to assist.  You’ll never hear a solution if you don’t provide the space for listening.

The same is true with your higher levels.  If you rage at God about your problems but don’t take a moment to listen, you’ll never hear the guidance that could move you through those problems into a better life.

Beginning today, practice listening.  Begin by listening to the people who are attempting to connect with you.  Then move on to listening to everything around you.  Then, most important, practice listening to your higher levels – especially when you’ve asked for clarity and assistance.

Love & Light,

Day 28 – Stop Pushing That Rock Up a Hill

Today’s lesson is about surrender.  It’s about surrendering to your passion, your interests, and your guidance.  It’s about surrendering to the flow of life.

How many times have you worked very hard at something, only to experience the
frustration of taking two steps forward and one step back?  Perhaps you’re struggling to push a rock up a hill when the rock prefers to stay where it is.

Many things in life deserve concentrated effort.  I don’t think that life is all about sitting
on your couch and expecting the world to come to you.  How do I tell when an effort is pushing a rock up a hill and when it’s inspired and appropriate?  When nothing is working, nothing seems to be flowing, and I feel emotionally exhausted with the effort. When it feels like I’m bumping heads with everyone around me and life feels hard, I realize I’m attempting to push that rock up a hill.  It’s time for me to take a break, take a breath, and ask for divine assistance.

When I step away for that moment, I ask myself a couple of questions.  “Is this MY rock to be pushing, or am I attempting to live someone else’s life?”  “What is the core desire that I am attempting to satisfy?  Is there anyone way to fulfill that desire?”  “If this is my rock to push, and it is the best way to satisfy my desires, is there a better way to do this?”

Suppose you hate your job, or your marriage isn’t going well.  Am I suggesting that you quit your job or divorce your spouse?  No!  I’m suggesting that you can have a
better experience in your job, your marriage, and the other aspects of your
life when you surrender to your higher guidance.  The guidance may show you a doorway that takes you away from your current job, relationship, house, etc., but rarely does it do so in a drastic way.  Surrender to your guidance, not your ego.

When we’re pushing a rock up a hill, we have an attachment to the idea that
this particular rock must be at the top of this particular hill.  We’re becoming attached to an outcome and working feverishly toward that outcome.  When we stop pushing and take a moment to seek guidance and clarity, we may find an easier way to accomplish what we desire.  We may find that the rock we want is already at the top of the hill, but we never bothered to look. Sometimes we realize that we’re attempting to push someone else’s rock.  When that’s the case, not only is it time to stop pushing, but it’s time to step away altogether.  Allow that person to deal with their life in their own way, offering assistance but certainly not doing the pushing for them.

So today – stop pushing!  Take a break, and ask for guidance.  Ask for help, and help will arrive.

Love & Light,


Day 27 – Remember that You Cannot Make a Mistake

OK, you can scream now :-)  After telling you to check your guidance, then to double-check your guidance, I tell you that you can’t make a mistake.  So, just what the heck am I talking about?

Well, for most of us, life goes more smoothly if we follow our guidance.  But there is nothing wrong with taking a bumpy road, getting lost once in awhile, turning around, taking a different route.  Why?  Because life is about the journey – not the destination.

Our time here in these bodies is short.  And when we have mastered the whole “embracing what is” concept, then we embrace everything – even the so-called “mistakes”.

And so what is the point of these lessons if we cannot make a mistake?  The best answer I can give you is the answer I give to myself:  You’ve chosen a journey of increased awareness, awakening, and connection.  You wouldn’t have made it to this point in these lessons if you weren’t on this journey with me.

And so, I ask for guidance because it makes my journey smoother – and I like to move through life with a bit of ease and grace.  It is more fun to me.  But if drama and bumpy roads are fun for you – go for it!  There are no mistakes to be made.

I encourage you to let go of any attachment you might have to a particular outcome. Often we’re so focused on finding our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that we beat
ourselves up for taking the scenic route.

You’re here to experience life as fully as possible.  When you truly understand this, you’ll never make another mistake, and forgiveness, releasing judgments, allowing, and all of the other concepts in these lessons will become a natural part of you.

Love & Light,

Day 26 – Measure Twice, Cut Once

In carpentry, if the measurement is incorrect, you risk wasting a piece of wood that has been cut too short or at the wrong angle.  Sometimes a bad cut can be fixed, but many times it cannot.  Even the corrected cuts cause extra work.  So the rule of thumb is to measure twice, cut once.

Yesterday I talked about identifying which opportunities are actually doorways for you, and I mentioned that sometimes a door opens that leads to a major life change.  What I didn’t talk about was how to deal with an emotionally charged doorway.

When considering a change to your life that’s driven by emotion, it’s especially important to measure twice, cut once.  Perhaps you are already contemplating a major life change, or the door that has opened causes you to consider making a major life change.  Whether it’s moving across the country, leaving a relationship, changing jobs, enrolling in or dropping out of school – all these changes deserve a little extra contemplation.

Measure Once:
When presented with a potential for major change, it’s imperative that you pull together all your skills to connect with your higher realms and see what clarity they can give you.  When presented with a door to a whole new life, check your guidance, sit with what you hear, go on with your day, then circle back around and check your guidance again.

Measure Twice:
When you feel like you have clarity, consider what your guidance has shared with you and pay attention to how you feel in your gut.  If your gut feels peaceful, or even a bit excited, then it agrees with how you’ve interpreted your guidance.  Follow the guidance and enjoy your new life.  If your gut is tight and you have a sense of impending doom, then you may have mistaken your mind chatter for guidance.  Check again until your guidance and your gut are in agreement.

What if you can’t get your guidance and your gut to agree?  Here’s a tool I’ve used when my emotions are running high and the mind chatter just won’t quiet down.  Whenever I feel that I’m unable to connect clearly with my higher guidance, I say something like the following:

“Father, Mother, God, I command the voice of my ego-mind to be silenced while I commune with my higher realms.”

I only command the voice to be silenced during conversations with my higher realms (God, Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Guidance).  Requiring this part of my mind to sit inactive for more than a few minutes doesn’t actually work well for me.  So I word my command as either “for the duration of my conversation with my higher realms,” or “for five minutes,” or “while I commune with my higher realms.”  Use whatever wording feels right to you.

The first time I tried this, I was amazed!  It actually worked.  So I tried it again, and again, until I realized that my ego-mind chatter was perfectly happy to take a break whenever I commanded it to do so.

Please note that I don’t ask – I command.  I’m usually quite stern when voicing this command, and I make sure to say thank you after I’ve had the successful connection to my guidance.

I don’t have to invoke this command very often.  It only comes up when my emotions are running high and I keep getting conflicting messages.

The concept of measure twice, cut once is not a way to question my higher guidance.  It’s a way to confirm that what I’m hearing is truly guidance and not emotion or wishful thinking.  You cannot offend God by ensuring that what you are hearing is truly coming from God.

Love & Light,

Day 25 – Identify Doorways

I’ve written in a previous lesson about doing something because it “presented,” but to be honest, I don’t do everything that presents itself.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to take advantage of every opportunity that shows up.

Every day I hear or read about wonderful ways to make money or grow your business.  If I took advantage of all these business opportunities, I’d be so scattered in my thinking and actions that I would never get anything done.  The same is true for social and self-improvement opportunities.  There are so many opportunities right now!  Just browse the Internet for a few minutes and you’ll find a plethora of offers that could be a fit for you.

When living in the flow, we can become temporarily confused with so many “shiny objects” calling for our attention that we’re just not sure which way to go.  It reminds me of the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy is unsure which direction to take along the Yellow Brick Road.  If you are unfamiliar with this scene, click on the link at the end of this post to watch it on YouTube.

Since I don’t have a singing and dancing Scarecrow to point me in the right direction, how do I distinguish between doorways and distractions?  This is another area where my connection with my higher realms really helps out. My higher levels always assist me in determining what things are doorways for me (assuming that I ask for their assistance).

It works like this:  If you’ve told the universe that you desire a romantic relationship, and the opportunity presents to join a local singles group, that’s a doorway.  But if you have several singles events to attend at the same time, how do you choose?  Do you choose the one that sounds like the most fun?  Yeah, I’d probably go with that.  What if these events appear to be equal on the fun factor?  Is there one event that provides an opportunity to do something that you’ve always wanted to try, like learning to ski?  Try that one.  If you’re completely unsure, check your guidance.

Sometimes you’re guided to walk through a door that your mind thinks is taking you in the wrong direction.  If you feel strongly that your guidance is sending you in this direction, then trust your guidance, go through the door, and sooner or later you’ll understand why this was the right move for you.  If you’re unsure, keep asking for guidance until clarity comes to you.

When it comes to identifying doorways, you get better with practice.  Don’t get too hung up on it.  If you follow a distraction, it’s only a temporary detour.  Don’t worry.  Another doorway will open up that will take you down the path toward your heart’s desire.

If you’re very confused, you might consult with an intuitive or do a reading with angel or tarot cards to gain clarity.

Enjoy the fabulous abundance of the universe, and begin to identify the doorways that are uniquely yours.

Love & Light,

Which way do we go? Wizard of Oz